Royal Netherlands Digital Army
Clan dedicated to's "World of Tanks" Mass Multiplayer Online Game

Founded: May 13th, 2012
"Don't fight a battle
if you don't gain anything
by winning."
"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory."
Erwin Rommel
George Patton
We are a clan which stands for fair play, commitment and above all: having fun! We play as a team, where winning battles comes above personal gain. It's not the amount of personal kills you make, but the effort towards the team that counts. In our clan there is room for your opinion, tell us what you want out of this game and we will see if the clan can help you with this. We accept 'NOOBS' and experienced players, who started as NOOB also ;)
We use mainly our TS3 server.
We prefer Dutch and English speaking members.
We are in the Amsterdam time zone, playing mostly between 20.00 and 02.00 (any given day of the week).
You can play solo or in our platoon/team battles, depending on the mood you are in, but as soon as we can we want to step up into the world of clanwars, etc.
We don't want to become the biggest clan, but want to 'compete' with the best !
But above all: we want to have fun playing WoT !
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